I'll Be Dipped Sweet Shoppe, Drexel Hill

How can I contact I'll Be Dipped?

I'll Be Dipped is no longer at the 1250 Township Line location.
However, you can still call 610-789-4438 to speak with someone about ordering a chocolate covered fruit/snack tray, or party favors.

We now have goodies at Poppi's Café- 2 stores down from our old location!
If you read through many of our facebook posts lately, you can see our focus shift away from having a store front (and various cards/gifts), to filling orders for family and friends.
Thanks for your understanding and patience as we take a new approach to our family run business.



How much is your chocolate candy?

I'll Be Dipped chocolates cost $16.95 per pound and come in milk, dark, and white.

How much does a pound of chocolate covered strawberries cost?

$16.95 per pound (about 10 to 12 berries per pound, depending on size) ***slightly higher around Valentine's Day

How much notice do I need to give when placing a fruit/snack tray order?

Kindly give at least 2 days notice; during holiday seasons please allow at least 4 days

Are trays available if I stop by Poppi's Café?

Chocolate covered snack trays will be available this Fall (2017), but our fruit is made to order so it is always fresh and delicious.